Sewing an entire swim wardrobe with 1 meter of lycra fabric

swimwear Jun 27, 2021

It’s so fun to be sewing an entire swim wardrobe. A mini collection of bikini bottoms and tops that you all can wear together. You can switch it up between a comfortable piece to be more active in the water or on the beach and a more elegant pair to look great while tanning by the pool. Or you can rotate between the pieces to avoid tan lines.

I’ll show you in this blogpost what I got out of 1 meter of this printed lycra and what patterns I used. By the way, the fabric is designed by Linda, the owner of There is a 20% discount on all lycra’s in that shop for members of my Start to sew swimwear course (go to the course, last chapter, to get the code).

If you speak Dutch, you can watch this video where I tell you all about these pieces.

First up is this one.

Summer Bikini

The pattern is the Summer Bikini from Evie La Luve. The materials you need for this are lycra, lining, swim elastic and a closure for the back (or you can make ties on the back if you don’t have a closure). I like that there are several design options with the pattern already. To finish the bikini top, you use biais made from lycra. I used the same fabric, but you can use another fabric and get really creative with that. I also made a double set of bows for this bikini, so I have more styling options!

Soma swimsuit

The second pattern is the Soma swimsuit from Papercut patterns. I only used the bikini bottom. It’s a bottom with full coverage and you can run, swim, jump all you want in it without having to readjust all the time or be worried that you’re flashing anyone. Or for those days that you can’t be bothered to be grooming your bikini line.

Boylston bra

The second bikini top I made is the Boylston bra by Orange Lingerie. For this you need some more materials and more knowledge about bra making. But it’s definitely worth a try even if it scares you to make something like this! And you can use what you find on old bra’s and bikini’s to practice with: like the closures, rings and sliders and underwires. I made it with cut and sew foam in the cups, but you can try it first without. The only thing you need to buy next to your lycra and swim elastic is a non stretch bra tule for the lining.

Lucky top

And last is this Lucky top from Bikini Design Club that I recently made. This is absolutely not a basic piece, but very fun, girly, romantic and with some boho vibes that I like. Wearing this, you will surely stand out in a crowd. It’s very easy to make and you only need lycra, lining, swim elastic and a closure (but you could skip the closure and make ties at the back). That’s something I always do by the way, change my designs depending on the materials I have at hand rather than shopping for new materials.

Now it’s over and out with this fabric. The scraps I have left are too tiny. Or I should use the leftovers for kids, to make ruffles or other accents with it. You see, it’s difficult for me to get rid of materials, and I keep getting ideas to use them to the last centimeter. If anyone wants them, take them please, so I can get it out of my head.

If you like what you see in this blogpost and want to learn to sew an entire swim wardrobe yourself, definitely check out my Start to sew swimwear course. You’ll learn everything you need to know about the materials and techniques so that you can make these like a pro.

And on this page you can get more inspiration for other patterns. Will you be sewing your swim wardrobe?



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