What this collection means to me

lingerie Sep 24, 2020
chakra corset

Let me tell you a little story…

Once there was a struggling woman. She was very busy keeping herself from drowning because yet again she wasn’t pregnant. The longer it took, the more she was losing. She was losing friends, losing income, losing joy in life, losing her health and losing herself.

But like always in life, after rain comes sunshine. No matter what happens and how lost you get, you’ll find a way back. So did she.  Very slow and very patiently.

During the struggles and during this healing process she never stopped creating. That was her escape. Her way to give life.

So she created a collection, the Chakra collection. Which represents all the colors of the rainbow, but also the whole spectrum of emotions, the whole body, the journey to feeling that all again and feeling whole again.

Photography by Lies Pareyt @liespareyt

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