Chakra lingerie & swim collection

As you could read in previous blogpost, this collection had a special meaning to me while I was creating it. But I never could have guessed how good it feels once you see it coming to life on your models.

I thought that was already the climax of creation, until Lies showed us the finished result of all her photographs. I couldn’t be more proud!! Not only of myself but mostly of my friends who modeled and Lies who took and edited the pictures. I started ‘writing’ a story and each one of my friends added another layer to it that makes it so much more profound.

I love the pictures sooo much that I am dying to show them to everyone who wants to see, but I also respect my models privacy. That is why I won’t post them on my blog or on social media. Snif snif.

Luckily there were some shots made from the back or close-ups of the lingerie that I can show you now.  (if you want to see the pieces in flatlay or on mannequin, you can scroll through my instagram).

I know now that I love doing this and everyone’s already in for next collection!

Photography by Lies Pareyt @liespareyt

Models are fierce and awesome but want to remain anonymous.

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