Pattern gallery

 I want to help you choose which lingerie and swimwear patterns to use by listing all the projects I made using other companies patterns. Just click on the picture and it will link you to the pattern.

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Have fun choosing your next lingerie sewing project!

(if you're a pattern designer and you want me to feature your pattern in here: email me [email protected])

Panties patterns

Bella panties - Evie la Luve

Tigress panties - Platinum Thimble

Penny knickers - Sew Projects

Hera hotpants - De Lingerie Academie

Puma panties - Platinum Thimble

Peachy undies - Coolstitches

Simplicity 8229 - Madalynne

Blossom knickers - Sew Projects

Aphrodite panties - De Lingerie Academie

Scrap sporty thong - Lore Piar

Rosalia menstruatieslip - De Lingerie Academie

Merle panties - Hari Ito Lingerie

Frankie panties - Evie la Luve

Simplicity 8624 - Madalynne

Lovely Lily - The Mad Cutters

Esme panties - Evie la Luve

Acacia panties - Megan Nielsen

Mia panties - Studio Costura

Greta thong - Made for mermaids

La girly shorty - Charlotte Jaubert

Bra and bralette patterns

Barbary bralette - Sew Projects

Scarlett bralette - Ohhhlulu

Aurora BH - De Lingerie Academie

Simplicity 8228 - Madalynne

Noelle bralette - Madalynne

Hanna bralette - Studio Costura

Tigress bustier - Platinum thimble

Bralette - Make bra

Barrett bralette - Madalynne

Hyacinth bralette - Ohhhlulu

Esplanade bra - Orange lingerie

Puma bra - Platinum Thimble

Josey bra - La bella coppia

Diana bra - De Lingerie Academie

La pulpeuse - Charlotte Jaubert

Simplicity 8339

Boylston bra - Orange lingerie

Peaches bra - Love and lace DIY 

Simplicity 8436 - Madalynne

Mésange bra - Hari Ito Lingerie

Brigit bralette - De Lingerie Academie

Bodysuit patterns

Hibou bodysuit - Hari Ito lingerie

Fenix bodysuit - Madalynne

Luna badpak - De Lingerie Academie

Lawren bodysuit - Madalynne

Swim patterns

Hudson top - Edgewater avenue

Ranger bottoms - Edgewater avenue

Hanna bikini - Studio Costura

Sarah onepiece - Edgewater Avenue

Mar swimsuit - Bikini Design Club

Jace bikini top - Edgewater avenue

La voyageuse - Charlotte Jaubert

The summer bikini - Evie la Luve

Life swimsuit - Bikini Design Club

Lucky bikini - Bikini design club

Soma bikini - Papercut patterns

Tai swimsuit - Bikini Design Club

Luna swimsuit - De Lingerie academie

Anahita bikini - De Lingerie academie

Loungewear patterns

Phoebe top en Prue shorts - La Maison Victor

Saga nachthemd - La Maison Victor

Lahja dressing gown - Named clothing

Koko shorts - Love&lace DIY

Activewear patterns

Simplicity 8339

Peg legs - Patterns for pirates

Trapeze bra - Yabbey

FREE patterns

Jace bikini top - Edgewater avenue

Peachy undies - Coolstitches

Peg legs - Patterns for pirates

Scrap sporty thong - Lore Piar

Acacia panties - Megan Nielsen

Barrett bralette - Madalynne

Noelle bralette - Madalynne Intimates

Bralette - Make bra

Hyacinth bralette - Ohhhlulu