Pastel leather lingerie set

pastel leather lingerie set

I’m so excited to share this new set with you! A pastel leather 3-piece lingerie set that comes straight out of a Disney-princess’ closet. A princess that loves leather bra’s and garter-belts.

It started with this leather skirt. I kept it in my stash with the intention to one day do something with it. Of course I always put that off, until Bernina asked me to make something with an old piece of clothing for their latest campaign. And what better could I make with it than leather lingerie!

from leather skirt to leather bra

The designing process started with gathering al my pastel blue lingerie sewing stuff. Then I looked for matching colors. I came up with a light blue – camel combination. The star mesh on top of that gives it this dreamy fairy tale vibe.

Making the panties

To make the panties I used the Blossom knickers pattern from Sew Projects. They are made out of stretch mesh (the star print), a pastel blue cotton for the crotch lining, power mesh to double the front piece (I don’t like it very see-through in front) and blue picot-elastic. For the sides you need bra strap elastic, 4 rings and 2 sliders.

They sew up very fast and were a perfect fit from the first try! I used my measurements and size guide to find the right size. The side-straps are adjustable so it’s easier to achieve a good fit.

blue pastel leather lingerie set

Making the garter-belt

To make the garter-belt of this leather lingerie set I used a pattern from my lingerie sewing teacher. Unfortunately this is not available for sale, but if you google you will find other great options!

I used the pastel blue leather in the front panels and for the closure in the back. I also used star printed stretch mesh, blue picot-elastic, copper foldover elastic, a piece of underwire casing, copper bra strap elastic, 4 sliders and 4 velvets. For the closure in the back I used 4 eyelets and a small ribbon.

A garter-belt sews up pretty fast. I had to switch needles and threads all the time because of the leather and mesh and using 2 different colors elastic, and that slowed me down a lot. It’s a lot easier and quicker to sew your lingerie in 1 color.

To work with the leather I only had to use a leather needle, a walking foot and set the adjustments of my sewing machine to ‘leather’. If you don’t have this on your machine, use a stitch length of 3 mm and elevate the tension (I had 5.5). Make sure to not use needles to pin your pieces because the holes stay visible!

I don’t wear garter-belts but for this set I really wanted to make one and I’m so happy with the result.

Making the leather bra

You can read how I made the bra and how I worked with leather here on the Bernina blog (it’s in dutch, but I used a lot of pictures).

3 ppiece leather lingerie set

Voila, now you’ve seen the complete pastel lingerie set. I hope this blog post will encourage you to try sewing/making something outside your comfort zone because you never know it might actually work out fantastic!



PS: Are you looking for patterns to sew your own lingerie but don’t know where to start? I’ve put all the commercial/indie patterns I used with the links on this handy page.

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