to my atelier for
sewing lingerie and swimwear.

Feel free to relax and scroll a little, while I take you through
the lingerie sewing rabbit hole.
I guarantee you’ll get addicted once you start!

I’m Clio, a 36-year young mother from Belgium. I caught the sewing-virus at a very young age at home through my mother. For years all my skills and knowledge came from magazines and the internet. Until 2018 when I started a lingerie and corsetry sewing education (while being pregnant with my son Jack). It really changed my sewing-game. I learned so much from my teacher that I now want to pass on to you!

My end collection – the chakra collection –  was a very personal and dear project.  In the process of creating this collection a seed was planted to do more with my freshly acquired skills. Hence this Atelier to inspire you and teach you all about sewing underwear and swimwear.  

Enjoy reading and scrolling!

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